A snack. A girl. A love story. I love Eat Natural bars

The weekend looms large; new Eat Natural bars to discover in the Big Smoke!

Posted in Uncategorized by iloveeatnaturalbars on June 19, 2009

In Manchester (where I live) I struggle to find my beloved treasure, even in big places like Sainsbury’s and Asda. It makes me sad. Hey-ho, I am off to London tomorrow, where I expect to find my treasure in bountiful amounts! I will try at least one new flavour and report back my heartfelts here. Hopefully with a photograph too… The tension mounts…


Colleague nonplussed about purple bar

Posted in Uncategorized by iloveeatnaturalbars on June 19, 2009

Today I gave a quarter (it’s getting less and less each time) of a *brazils, sultanas, almonds and hazlenut bar (the purple one) to another colleague, and he was pretty much not that bothered about it. He favours Nutrigrain.

I am a total newcomer to the cereal bar market, having previously deigned them unhealthy and very ‘processed’. Maybe they are and I am being naive, but I can’t see faults in my Eat Natural bars. Love is blind.

Off out now and I plan to return with a father’s day card and an Eat Natural bar in a new flavour to try. Exciting stuff I’m sure you’ll agree. UPDATE: Alas, Sainsbury’s in Manchester don’t proffer my drug.

*I have noticed a flaw in my Eat Natural bar! The names are really bloody long and a pain in the arse to write. From now on I will refer to them by their colours.

It started on a train…

Posted in Beginnings by iloveeatnaturalbars on June 18, 2009

My passion for Eat Natural bars was awakened about six weeks ago on a long train journey back from a meeting with a client. I was bored, there were 4 hours left to go of this journey. I was hungry. The trolley trundled towards me, and I ordered a cup of tea. Wait a second, what’s that… an Eat Natural bar you say? Let’s have one of them. My first experience was with the brazils, sultanas, almonds and hazelnuts variety. What can I say? I was impressed. Chewy, crunchy, flavoursome; dare I say delicious? At last, a snack that appeared to be healthy and pretty darn tasty at the same time. There must be a catch.

Two weeks later on the same train back from a meeting with the same client I ventured an almonds, apricots and yoghurt coating bar. It was immense. Awesome. I was happy, truly happy, if just for the duration of the bar. Conscious of the fact that in a matter of weeks I was off to Majorca (and therefore destined to get my bod out), I searched the packet for information on the fat and calorie content. Nothing apart from ingredients. What’s that about?

Yet another two weeks later, yet again coming back from the meeting with the same client, I engaged in my what was fast becoming a fortnightly event. Down it went in seconds. I was sated once more.

Back at my desk I visited the website of Eat Natural for the news I so dreaded. Two clicks later I dicovered that sometimes in life there is no catch: 200 and a bit calories in each of the little darlings. Oh joy. Oh sweet, sweet joy.

I went to Sainsbury’s the next day and bought four. Gave whole one to my boss. Then the next day I halved one with a colleague (makes sense, he’s not going to give me a pay rise is he?); him risking a severe brazil nut allergy to savour the delight (of a almond, apricot and yoghurt one I hasten to add) for just a moment or two. I eulogised to him my love of these small bars of heaven. He suggested I started a blog about it. So I did.

Coming up… I try another of the tempting lovelies…